If it causes no harm to others, then THAT is the way to go!


I argue that it is easier to hate than it is to love, just like it is easier to frown than it is to smile. What could be the reason behind all of that? Perhaps it’s because both instances of the latter require a little more hard work and effort. Besides, who wants to love and smile anyway? THAT would be me joking for the record.

We noted in a previous post that Newton’s third law of motion states that for every action, an equal and opposite reaction will come about. Does that mean we can compare it to things outside of motion? Sure! We can compare it to all sorts of things always. In fact, let us compare Newton’s law to emotion–(motion with an e).

Within the human body, primarily there are five concrete senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch. Through the physical sensation of touching comes a feeling. For instance, if you were to ‘touch’ a hot eye on a stove, your nervous system would react to let you know that you’re in pain, resulting in you ‘feeling’ bad. A fight you may get into would be another example. First your sense of touch would be activated once blows are passed back and forth. Then after the skirmish, you would feel glad or sad based on the outcome. WHAT MAKES PLAYING A GAME FUN is when everyone is invited to play! Thus, if you’re not invited, that would hurt your feelings. Feelings are often the result of five senses being tapped. We can absolutely declare that what you say, taste, see, hear, and touch results in a feasible reaction.

So what about racism and interracial coupling since that is what this series was about? Do you not think that your cruel words and evil glares is enough to cause an opposite reaction? Did you expect those persons you are doing that to to join in on the hatred? If you want to start something so there will be something, of course they will. Even through their supposed fighting back, Newton’s law still stands. Deep down, what you’ve done and said was hurtful. Because of that, an opposite reaction was caused. This is why they lashed back out at you. This is why the division occurred, why the fight broke out in the first place, why someone was made to feel less than a human being.

Are you really happy with that outcome?


Where our main character Barry once was okay with fighting, in part 2, he sought a nonviolent approach when he and his brother met again at the safe house. He did this because he considered Newton’s law without knowing that that is what he was doing. He knew that his brother wanted a brawl, but if Thomas was given what he wanted, the result would be a painful situation for them both. So instead what Barry did was contemplate.

He said to himself:

“While Thomas smoked, I wanted to take that cigar and shove it up his behind. I would have if doing that wasn’t God-awful. I had to think of something else, a more diplomatic demonstration. How could I get through to him, I asked myself, or was it even possible?”

Barry chose to take the path of nonviolence even at the risk of it hurting him later.

An Alternative

There are other instances in which people can choose to cause no harm. When one is dealing with their beliefs, it is imperative to question it’s validity if what you believe in causes harm to someone else.

So there we have it, a surefire simple code to follow, but is it that easy when to many others, singling someone out for their differences is their primary goal, furthermore hating them is the next? What do we do?


Barry had to learn to do it, to put his faith into what he could not see. Unfortunately, his brother never tried it. Barry prayed that they could be given the strength and protection in their trying time and he was granted his wish. What was beautiful was that he kept his faith even after they faced future folly.

In addition to prayer, we can practice treating others how we want to be treated. Remember that you are person just like anyone else. Your needs are basic. We all need shelter, food and water. The only thing that differentiates us is a few wants and desires. At the end of the day, we are people who share this planet. If we begin incorporating love into our mannerisms, this place has a chance to live long.



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