How poison can cause the feeling of confusion and neglect

Beautiful lady, eh? Well, unlike the sexy Poison Ivy from the Batman series or the exceptionally beautiful Poison from the Street Fighter collection–two women who were meant to dazzle admirers, real danger is not often made to look appetizing. Confusion and neglect; two traits amongst many others that were meant to damage one’s being, their morale, and their overall substance as a whole is a result of bad influence. They do not have on tightly fitted wear. They do not have on perfume. And they most certainly do not have a bit of charm.

Recap of the process

In an earlier post, we talked about how a seed is planted as well as its growth cycle. When that seed is given love, it grows into such a healthy flower, tree, or produce. Thus, this reference was made in correlation to a person’s life, more particularly a child’s. Depending on how that child was nurtured since birth will determine what type of specimen he/she will become, a fine one or… However, it only takes one rotten apple to poison the whole bunch. Can we agree that that’s a common statement?

What is poison?

When we hold a bottle of liquid for instance that is used to clean house, there, on the back of the bottle, is a warning symbol, the poison symbol which is often represented by a skull and crossbones within a triangle. Therein, poison is a toxin that when applied or consumed can be deadly. So don’t consume it or give it to anyone. I’ll say that’s easier said than done.

Newton’s third law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This can be referenced to when dealing with human beings. For example, if a person strictly hears nothing but negativity since birth, what are the odds of them turning out to be swell individuals? The answer is little to none. Conversely, if they always hear good things and more so grasp the notion of treating others how they want to be treated, there may be a chance. They might turn out to be splendid.

I want to refer to the books, because I did it attempt to show you the result of poisoning in action. In “Secrets of their Shadowed Hearts”, after he locked Kaylin in the closet, Barry’s guilt began to eat at him unusually. He is sadly not the type of person who becomes remorseful when it comes to people of color. Instead, he’s a brute. HE EVEN CALLS HIMSELF THAT when he talked to Kaylin on the swinging bench. During their conversation, he is caught in a whirlwind for the most part, an endless nebulous.

He said,

“I’m a monster, Kaylin, a natural-bred brute. Sometimes I let myself go too far, but I don’t stop. I keep going until there’s nothing left for my enemy to feel, until there’s nothing left for them to own.”

At this point in time, he was in a state of confusion–in this sense a good confusion because he was leaning further away from denial.

Informal neglect

This is another noteworthy topic. When a person feels neglected, they feel they have no place. That is doable in society, out in the world, for everyone is not going to accept you. However, when one receives neglect from family, that is a whole new ball game.

How can someone be neglected informally?

Well, if it was never actually said (formal) that doesn’t mean one is not experiencing it. Lack of love, lack of care, lack of encouragement in the right direction can all cause embedded feelings of neglect, and in turn this will lead to the next generation that follows to have the same experience through a ripple effect.

Let’s break down a scene from “Secrets of Their Shadowed Souls”:

“Holding me firmly around my neck, Kaylin caressed my hair and poured into me from her essence affection. I appreciated it so much. She had no idea. It was a moment to savor and I did while my chin slid down the front of her shoulder and as my fingers tightened their grip around her waist. I cried piteously to myself. She was not to see that I was fragmented, elated for once while reminiscing my mother’s love.”

When Barry fell limp into Kaylin’s arms while shedding tears that she did not see, he was feeling at that moment a sense of security. This was powerful. Up until this point, he had feelings of neglect that he had ignored. Now he realized that he had been brainwashed all along when he felt her love. In his family, only one proved virtuous in his upbringing, his mother. The rest were diabolical in the reason why he became monstrous. Neglecting his essence was the cause of it. Their so-called raising him was absolutely control.

At the end of that segment, Barry vowed to cherish his newly found true love. Before, he believed his love for Kaylin was amassing within him over time, but now he was sure. She was the refuge beneath the shining light that he promised to never let go.


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