The Road to Warrior


“Secrets of Their Shadowed Hearts” was designed to be an overall testament to the power of love, the ties of family, and the very meaning of being human. It also carried many insights on how Barry experienced growth; one being the dirt road that formerly led to his plantation, a wicked place; but now, on the other hand, it led to him, a new and improved supporter of goodness. This is super, because not only does he have growing in the bag, but he also has much more of it to do in ways that he never fathomed! This took place in the sequel, “Secrets of Their Shadowed Souls – The Road to Warrior” and the title in itself is exact to the point but an understatement just the same.

In reading the series, we can acknowledge that Barry underwent much growth. Primarily, it dealt with him transforming his ways from being a merciless, fledgling plantation owner to something that was much more powerful, a human being. When I say that he became a human being, it is not to disregard him physically being one in the beginning. Sure he walked and talked like one, but this human that he became eventually recognized the similar traits he had to his fellow man, the ones he often considered lesser than. Because this happened, and due to the tragic circumstances that took place in the very end of part 1, Barry then moved into a new challenge, one that tested his ‘spiritual’ growth.

What does this mean, spiritual growth?

In the beginning of the sequel, Barry was a lost cause, tumbling in and out of a dimension that was frightening. He associated it with limbo – which is a realm between the living and the dead. When he awakened from that place, he sat for years in another plane to await the day that he could be reunited with the one precious jewel of his heart. Close to the end of eighteen years waiting patiently in that place, he came to realize that he could not stand it any longer. He could not, nor would not continue to rely on those incandescent beings that resided in the heavens to keep her safe, especially after hearing the news of his brother escaping his world and being on Kaylin’s trail. All of this prompted Barry to leave his home of solitude for the purpose of rescuing her.


“To be a guardian would be my pleasure,” I told the two men and they smiled at me considerably because of my bravery. What I had spoken wasn’t an easy thing to do, to leave a lap of luxury for the purpose of heading into war.”

Throughout the story, Barry faced ferocious entities, looping him into unremitting challenges that would have been considered unbearable for the average human being, but how convenient–he was a soul and everything he experienced was meant to exemplify his growth from a simple human being into an outstanding warrior!

On this new journey, we can say that that particular road was everywhere: forward, backwards, left, and right. That was possible because complications were arising from every direction. So, in order to narrow down all of these multiple directions, we’ll just say that all of the acts committed against him were redirected to flow along one single line. When Barry left his home of solitude, he was greener than a pea. The very first fight he got into almost cost him his life, and if you noticed, habitually it was often stated that things might cause him to get sent back to apply over. Ultimately, as he progressed, however, he grew stronger, wiser, and more in tune with his capabilities; for out of everyone, HE was one of the strongest beings on the field because of the side he stood on. No one else could compare. It took time for him to grasp this reality, but the realization did occur, better late than never. This caused the new road that he walked upon to now have golden pavement.


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