Significance of the Dirt Road That Led to Barry’s House


In every sense, a road is a path that leads somewhere. Oftentimes, a single road is connected to every possible place that one can go to in the local town or area, the world even. What a road means to someone is personal, meaning that only a select few will ever get to experience it, for if we were to travel up and down each and every one road that existed, we would probably be a million years old + one prior to completing our journey.

There was only one road in the series that was of particular interest out of all. It was the dirt road that led to Barry’s plantation home. In the beginning, Barry would attest to having no real care for it. To him, it was just a measly path that he took to get from his home to town and vice versa; however, as the time progressed and the more he experienced change, he felt something. He felt growth. In time, he grew to realize that the road that led directly to his house was no ordinary. It was a major piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Eventually it not only represented merely coming and going. The principle of what it was in general was what he deemed noteworthy.

In several instances, Barry glanced at the dirt road that led to his house. His expression was blank and could not be read, but he could feel something tugging on his limbs, tugging on his very being. He began to admire this road because it no longer was a road that led from the busyness of the hateful market to his hateful domain. It was now a road that…he could say led to him, a prime example of the result of one’s blinders being removed.

Long ago, his father had taken him and his brother to that house:

“On the road fresh from Denton Brook my hometown in the year 1808, I rode in a fancy stagecoach with the men of my immediate family. My father Robert was seated across from me reading a broadsheet, the same one he had read for the past twenty-six miles. I had a paper as well. I was reading it to mimic him, basically because he was my role model.

…..We eventually made it to the dirt road that led to my house.”

In fast forwarding that occurrence a ways, Barry came to terms with that same dirt road, believing his journey upon it now is different.

Growth is something every one of us experiences regardless as to whether we like it or not. When we as human beings grow, we are learning that not everything from the past is something we are meant to hold onto. From the time the seed was planted all the way to the sprout that pops up above the soil, we are undergoing change.

No matter our race, no matter our age, no matter our mistakes and failures, we are not meant to hold onto the negative. When someone blossoms, it is admirable when they see the beauty in their growth, especially if they are on the path of goodness by loving one another as if everyone were a brother or sister. That is, in turn, a success.

Like Barry, anyone is capable of going from a world of darkness into the light. Every road that we traverse may seem to lead to somewhere that we can visibly see with our own two eyes, but that place we are headed does not have to define us.

Can it not lead to a flavorful world, a world of unknown possibilities in the clouds?



One response to “Significance of the Dirt Road That Led to Barry’s House

  1. Beautiful! I love how his feelings and emotions for the road changed and grew with him over time. It shows major character development as well as story telling. Fabulous job!

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