Racism Must Be Tackled At the Source


In the past couple of days, I’ve been told that racism is such a touchy subject that not many want to even go there. Regardless of the outcome and no matter how tough, this is an issue that needs to be solved and it can be. Let’s talk about how we can tackle the source.

We can agree that groups and clicks exist, but within those groups and clicks is someone in charge, the top dog. This top dog and the others in the group belong to a chain of command. Whatever the purpose of the group—be it friendship, networking, family, business, there’s always some form of communication involved from the figurehead all the way down to the one who is considered the least vocal.

Now, a seed is what goes into the ground, yes? Its purpose is to grow a plant by having the proper amount of water and sunlight. When it comes down to a seed, it does not matter if you are a figurehead or if you are the least vocal. Seeds can come in various types of forms, and their sole purpose is to grow something. Seeds can be planted in an emblematic sense as well. They can be done with words just as much, and their process is handled just the same way that an actual seed meant to sprout a flower, fruit, or vegetable is planted.

How is that possible you may wonder? Why does this process count for plants and human beings?


It’s because words are very powerful indeed. Not only that, the human mind is gullible, set on following the team leader at the present or the current hot topic that makes sense but no sense likewise. You will find a rare select few that have the ability to block out and shift through nonsense; but what is nonsense when you’ve grown up with certain beliefs and ideals your entire life? Doesn’t that mean that there can be no right or wrong? If that’s the case, you may or may not ever notice nonsense if the seed has been planted in you since birth.

Who planted the seed? Who said you may or may not ever amount to anything? Who said the world had to be separated? Who said that wars must take place? Who said that you had to be a genius? Who ever said that in order to be a part of this group, you had to do certain things? The list of who said what is extensive, and if asked repeatedly over and over in so many different ways, the person who is doing the talking and committing the actions is planting the seeds of what his followers are to think within the group or sect.

Excerpt from ‘Secrets of Their Shadowed Hearts’:

“I remember getting ideas from my father when I was a boy,” he continued. “He taught me how to survive. ‘Survival,’ he said, ‘was based on remedies’. He used to set many a examples so that my brother and I would understand, have a good foundation.”

“He would beat people until they got it right, huh?” she asked.

“Well…,” he took a sip and kept the glass raised, “…he wouldn’t really consider slaves to be people. To him, they were hedonistic, barbaric, infidels. In other words, they were–”

“Free-spirited, uncivilized, nonbelievers,” she finished for him.

Based off of that alone, we can visibly see that somewhere somehow–someone has shared with a particular person what THEY believe about another sect, and that person who heard it has for a long while believed it. This, in turn, proves that seeds are a very dangerous thing when they are meant to implant hatred. It causes a poor soul to believe that what they are doing and saying is correct, because so-and-so who means something to them declared it.

Someone said something peculiar to me recently about this. They said that hatred is not something that people oftentimes realize that they are doing because it is embedded into their genes. I interpreted that person’s words and came to think that what they were saying was that due to a long line of alike attributes, those people who have despised another group or sect have had their ways burned into them skin-deep, into their blood, and whether mistakenly or unmistakably, their offspring will be affected similarly within a ripple effect.

Well, my counter to that is, does this person mean to say that hatred is learned and not taught?

This I want to know.      Image                                         chasingmydreamsbucketlist.com


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