The angels, the demons, the true battle between good and evil


The fantasy aspects of this series ran WILD—or is it fantasy? Did you see them, the angelic deities? Did you see them, the demonic spirits and forces? Both books had these incredible beings stored within, and they moved about consistently, some more clandestine than others.

The comparison and contrast

In the “Secrets of Their Shadowed” series, the battle between good and evil was done without one’s awareness. ‘Good’ moved through secrecy wherein ‘evil’ also was on full blast; yet both were still in the shadows, because if one does not recognize it for what it is—good or evil—then we can say those beings are fully operational outside of the light. The intensity of evil also moved about heavily in “Secrets of Their Shadowed Souls”. In the sequel, evil flourished, running amuck through each and every state, through each and every town or settlement, on every dirt road and backwoods. Still, Barry moved along clandestinely alongside righteousness, having angels as his support. So as we saw, this pattern never changed. In the end, Barry was being influenced by both sides. His multiple chats with Death as a result were worth paying close attention to as well, for Death was unbiased; however, in Barry’s case, he leaned to provide him with solid council.

In part 1 “Secrets of Their Shadowed Hearts”, let us steer away from discussing the apparent antagonists and instead note three people of importance who were actually angelic beings in disguise: Joe Larkler, Susie Cormick, and Dr. Benjamin Brodder. In addition to Barry’s home and the dirt road that led to his house, these people, one of whom is his best friend, were sent to enhance his being. They also communicated with him in peculiar mannerisms. Now, whether or not Barry realized who they were could never be proven. All we have as the proof is a premonition through one of his dreams.


Each of them were bewailing and expressing melodramatic grief. He also noticed that on their backs were large wings of a dove that glistened beneath the glowing rays of the sun; Joe’s, because he was glorified, were white; Susie’s, because she was armor, were gold; and Dr. Brodder’s, because he was Death, were red.

Note that also in his dreamlike premonition, Barry also saw the demons that just so happened to surround him in his everyday life, one of whom was his brother Thomas who—to death did he NOT part from his devilish ideals.

Part 2 is swarming with demons, demons, a hell ova lot of demons, and this time Barry can see them for real and REALLY get up close and personal often out of his comfort zone. They fought, not only with ingenuity and physical strength, but also with words. People often forget that words can cause a person to win or lose inasmuch as physical punches and blows could. So, ALL of these realistic elements were tackled.

Additionally in part 2 when Barry talks to you throughout the entire story, Barry battles good and evil within himself and you really get to feel his struggle firsthand.

As the author, I wanted to paint a vivid picture whose theme was called ‘Correlation’. I wanted to put 1-2-and-3 together: demons, slavery, and society, so that you could see their direct linkage.

Did you see?

If you were able to spot the correlation, then try fixating situations mentioned within into your everyday encounters. You may be able to avoid some certain circumstances.


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